Affinity Devon Reopening Q&A

We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you back to Affinity Devon from the 15th June. We know you’ll have lots of questions, and you can find the answers to many of them below. If you need further guidance please call the Centre Management Team on 01237 422544.




Q. Is it safe for you to re-open?

A. The safety of our guests and staff at Affinity Devon is our number one priority. We have followed and adhered to government guidance at every stage and have implemented every recommendation to ensure that we offer the safest environment possible.


Q. What measures have been put in place to keep us safe?

A. We have introduced floor markings, posters and banners to assist our guests in keeping socially distant while they’re at Affinity Devon.  We will monitor guest numbers so that we can maintain social distancing within the centre and there is a one-way system to help guide our guests around Affinity Devon.


Q. What hygiene measures have been put in place?

A. Our Centre Cleaning team will be carrying out extensive scheduled cleaning of Affinity Devon to ensure the safety of our guests. We have also introduced hand sanitising stations at our entrance.


Q. Have your opening times changed?

A. YES. We will be open 9am – 6pm Monday – Saturday and 10am – 4pm on Sundays. This means we will not be opening late nights on Thursday for the time being. During reopening, a few of our stores may not be open immediately or will be running reduced opening hours. If you are making a special visit for a particular retailer, please contact that store ahead of your visit to avoid disappointment. You can find all store contact details HERE.


Q. Will there be a limit to how long I can spend in the centre?

A. No limits will be applied to the amount of time you are able to spend in the centre.


Q. Will you be temperature checking shoppers and staff?

A. We are following government guidelines which means we won’t be carrying out temperature checks on entry.


Q. How do I get into the centre – has this changed? 

A. No routes have changed for you arriving at Affinity Devon. When you arrive there will be some changes, access will be restricted if capacity is reached. To assist in our social distancing measures the only entrance/exit which will be open will be the central entrance, which is closest to Denby/Peacocks.

The following entrances/exits will be CLOSED:

  • Entrance closest to GAP
  • Entrance closest to Clarks/Food Court

Please note that the walkway alongside the amphitheatre/old children’s attraction will be closed.

To access The Cornish BakeryCosta, World of Wonder and the toilet block, you’ll need to enter via the central entrance and then make your way through the centre towards the Clarks/Food Court entrance.

As both Nike and EWM are not inside the centre, these can be accessed by heading towards the ASDA entrance. Please note that each store may have a queuing system in place. If you then want to enter the main shopping building you will need to walk to the central entrance and enter this way. You may be required to queue if the centre has reached maximum capacity.


Q. Will dogs still be welcome in external areas?

A. We would highly recommend that you don’t bring your dogs to Affinity Devon at the present time as we don’t have the amount of space we would normally have. Assistance dogs are of course welcome as normal.


Q. Will I have to wear a face-mask or other protective clothing?

A. If possible, we also ask for face coverings to be worn during your time shopping with us. We ask you to dispose of these as required. There is a bin available as you exit the centre.


Q. Will I have to queue to enter Affinity Devon?

A. In all likelihood, yes. To maintain social distancing measures we are very mindful that there will be a maximum capacity for customers at Affinity Devon. Therefore, you may well need to queue at our central entrance by Peacocks/Denby.  This entrance will be monitored by the centre’s Security team.




Q. Do we need to park 2 metres apart in the car park?

A. Guests do not need to park any differently. However, we ask customers to maintain a safe distance when entering and leaving your vehicle.


Q. Are all the toilets open? 

A. The toilet block will be open, however toilet facilities will be reduced due to social distancing and public hygiene guidance. You’ll find that every other cubicle will be out of use. Whilst using these facilities we ask that you please adhere to the social distances measures.


Q. Are all the disabled toilets open? 

A. Yes, these will remain open.


Q. Will all the baby feeding and changing facilities be open? 

A. Yes, these will remain open.


Q. Is The Tourist Information / Centre Management Office open? 

A. Whilst you can still access the Tourist Information Centre, our Tourist Representative will not be present until further notice. If you require the services of the Centre Management Team, you’ll be able to communicate with them through the call entry system which is located by the office entrance doors.


Q. Will your free wheelchair hire service be available?

A. Yes, this service will be available. Each wheelchair will be sanitised after every use.



If you have questions for a specific store all their contact details are available HERE.


Q. Are all your stores open?

A. No, not at the moment. You can find details of the stores that are open and opening hours on the individual store pages from Friday 12th June.  As a Centre, Affinity Devon is open from 9am – 6pm Monday – Saturday and 10am – 4pm on Sundays.


Q. Is cash being accepted at stores or will it be card payment only?

A. Please check with our individual retailers, however, we expect many shops to accept card payment only and you should be prepared to pay by card.


Q. Do I have to queue for each store?

A. Due to restrictions in capacity within the stores queuing to enter a number of stores is possible. Each store will have hazard tape outside the store entrance to indicate a 2 metre distance for queuing.


Q. Why is there a one-way system in place?

A. A one-way system makes it easier for everyone to follow social distancing guidelines. Signs, markers and banners are in place to make it clear where one way systems are being implemented.


Q. Will changing rooms be open / are services within stores still available e.g. feet measuring?

A. Most brands / stores will NOT be opening their changing rooms but please check with the individual brand when you visit or you can call them in advance (all contact details can be found on the store page).


Q. I purchased some goods from one of your stores before the lockdown, can I return them?

A. You will need to check with the individual store / brand on their policy regarding returns. Please check out the store page for contact details.


Q. During the lockdown I purchased some goods online, can I return them to their store at Affinity Devon?

A. You will need to check with the individual store / brand on their policy regarding returns. Please check out the store page for contact details.




Q. Will the eateries be open?

A. At present, we do not have an opening date for Cornish Bakery or Costa. Once they open, they will likely be open for take-away purchases only. We will update you once we receive further information.


Q. If I purchase a sandwich or drink from one of your eateries can I use the Amphitheatre to sit and eat/drink it?

A. The amphitheatre will remain open, however we kindly request that you adhere to social distancing measures so everyone can enjoy the space.


Q. Is World of Wonder open?

A. World of Wonder remains closed until they are advised to reopen by the government. You can keep up to date with their latest announcements by following them on Facebook HERE.





Q. You have children’s rides in the centre, are these ‘open’?

A. Unfortunately these rides have been removed from the centre for the time being. We will update you as soon as this changes.