Welcome to Affinity Lancashire

Freeport Fleetwood has become Affinity Lancashire.

It’s now under new ownership and part of a family of outlet shopping centres which includes Affinity Staffordshire and Affinity Devon.

We chose the name Affinity because it communicates something about the character of our centres. Affinity means ‘a natural liking for and understanding of someone’. Calling ourselves Affinity is a sign that we’re putting relationships at the heart of what we do; the professional relationships we have in the Affinity team and with our stores – and above all, the relationship we have with you: our local community.

Calling ourselves Affinity marks our desire to offer the best experience we can for our customers.

With all of that in mind, can we ask a small favour? We’d love to know what you think about Affinity Lancashire (formerly Freeport Fleetwood) by answering a few questions. It’ll take about five minutes, but you’ll be helping us to make Affinity an even more rewarding experience, not only for you but for everyone who visits.

Click here to take the survey.