Christmas Activity: The Elf Who Fell

After much discussion with the our beloved Santa Claus, as he is ‘so-ho-ho-cial distancing this year, he’s sent us on a little mission to spread the Christmas cheer! While all of his elves are working their magic at Santa’s Workshop, we seem to have one clumsy elf who can’t seem to keep away from our stores! Can you help us keep him in check?

Read our poem below and see if you can find The Elf Who Fell!

He gets excited and delighted
when we open our doors.
Rushing around, not making a sound,
he’s shopping for Santa Claus!

He’s here and he’s there,
choosing gifts with great care.
He was doing so well,
‘til he tripped and he fell,
now his feet are stuck up in the air!

But where?

Write your letter to Santa, tell us where you have found our elf and be in with a chance to win a gift every week! Simply download your Elf Letter here, print it off and post it to Santa’s post box by the Christmas tree!

Fancy being in with the chance to win a personalised video call from the big man himself?

If you’re looking to spread some more Christmas cheer this year, why not help out our communities with our new Boot Box Appeal for a chance to win one Christmas Eve box for the family and a personalised video call from Santa! All you have to do, is rip off your ‘Competition Entry’ slip at the bottom of your Elf Letter, fill it out and put it in your donated box by the tree! For more details of the Boot Box Appeal, click here.