Cotton Traders, the new sponsors for Downton Abbey

As we celebrate the store’s return to our Centre, we would also like to take this time to applaud Cotton Traders for the success of their latest campaign.

Aside from working tirelessly to reopen their stores in the safest way possible, behind the scenes, the team managed develop a new app for customers to download AND secure their first ever TV sponsorship deal with ITV.

Mr Carson, Lady Mary and Countess Grantham… stand by as Cotton Traders have arrived!

As the popular drama returns to our screens, you’ll notice that Cotton Traders are now the official sponsors Downton Abbey.

Tune in this weekend and see if you can spot our fellow brand this Sunday (19th July) at 8pm. They’ll be making an appearance at the beginning, end and during each ad break!

Splendid news! Well done, Cotton Traders.