FAQs regarding face masks/coverings

In line with the Government’s latest guidelines, it is mandatory to wear a face covering when visiting our centre. We understand that these guidelines can be slightly confusing for both our staff and visitors, so to help put your mind at ease, we’ve answered a few of your FAQs.


Will I be fined? 

If police are patrolling the site, then yes. If you are caught not wearing a face mask/covering while shopping with us you can face a fine of £200. The Government have announced that this will be reduced to £100 if people pay within 14 days. Repeat offenders will have their fines doubled at each offence. 

What if I have forgot my mask/covering?

We understand that this can be the case but don’t worry! Speak to a member of our security team and they direct you to a store which sells face coverings.

Will I be refused entry if I don’t wear a mask/covering? 

In some stores, you could be refused entry unless you have a medical condition which restricts you from wearing one such as respiratory or cognitive impairment. Children under the age of 11 are also exempt from this.

Why aren’t some staff in stores not wearing a mask/covering?

Please keep in mind that some staff may be exempt from wearing a face covering due to medical grounds.  Stores have been advised to take the Government’s latest announcement into consideration and have enforced thorough cleaning regimes, social distancing markers and hand sanitising stations upon the reopening phase.

Do I need to wear a mask/covering when I’m visiting the cafes? 

It is now compulsory to wear a mask/covering when ordering your food/drink. Your mask should not be taken off until you are seated at a table.