Optic-Kleer, offering FREE* windscreen repair this week

Repair your windscreen for *free while you shop.

Not a phrase you’ve heard? Well thanks to  Optic-Kleer® it’s a given!

The local windscreen repair company, who often works from supermarkets, will be available at our Centre from Thursday 28th April – Sunday 2nd May to carry out windscreen repairs.

Handy right? So, how does Optic-Kleer® work?

  • Optic-Kleer® use the latest equipment to quickly and safely repair damage to vehicle windscreens in as little as 20 minutes.
  • They are the largest independent repair-only company in the UK, and have been repairing windscreens for over 25 years.
  • They’re also members of, and are regulated by the British Franchise Association, so you’re guaranteed a great service!

In fact, 80% of their work is paid for by insurance companies meaning that repairs are free for the majority of customers. They even handle the entire claim process; providing a truly hassle-free experience.

So if you find yourself in a sticky situation over the weekend or are desperate for a quick and effective service, look out for their van and canopy outside our Centre!

More information regarding their service, visit: www.optic-kleer.co.uk