Second Servings anyone?

Second servings anyone? Meet our new and improved dessert shop – now open – just opposite Homebargains!

Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, this dessert store is guaranteed to satisfy all sorts of sugary cravings!

From bubble waffles to sweet and savoury crepes, Carte D’Or ice cream and more, there’s plenty to feast on at our Centre!

Second Servings dessert shop has chosen to improve its offering to customers at our Centre and now features a wide range of dessert goodies. From initially selling bubble waffles, slushies and Carte D’Or ice cream; customers can now tuck into a feast of treats from their chocolate fountain, milkshake and crepes stations!

Choose to douse either strawberries, marshmallows or fudge skewers in their new chocolate fountain; tuck into their Banana and Nutella crepes or even a Kinder Bueno milkshake! The options go on! With slush puppies starting from £1.50; Crepes at £3 and monster milkshakes from £3.20, you’re sure to go home with a satisfied sweet tooth for sure!