Valentines Inspiration

Looking for something to do this Valentines Day? Well look no further as we’ve come up with a few top tips to help you organise something special for your loved one!

Whether you’re a couple who likes to wine and dine or simply one who prefers to Netflix and chill, we have some great home ideas to make your Valentines Day special without having to break the bank.

Wine and Dine

You don’t have to be a chef to wine and dine your partner. Whether you’re looking to go gourmet with James Martin’s Gastro food sets or prefer a bottle of wine and a take out, food is always a winner when it comes to keeping your other half happy!

Failing that, if you’re not fancying food, why not try a home cocktail master class? You needn’t be an expert and it can be a great bit of fun for you and your other half to get creative with. After all, tequila is said to make you happy! Sex on the beach, anyone?

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Bubble bath for 2

Think Pretty Woman crossed with your generic looking bathroom. Sometimes all your partner needs is a chance to relax and what better  way to sooth the soul than a nice hot bubble bath, some candles and if you’re feeling really fancy, a few rose petals? However, we understand that it’s not always possible to fit yourself in the tub without feeling like a fish out of water, let alone two! So why not take things outside the bathroom and relocate your relaxation retreat elsewhere. Where, however, is not for us to say…

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Movie Night

Movie nights are a great Valentines go-to but if there’s nothing that tickles your fancy at the cinema, then simply rent a film from home. Upgrade your Netflix and Chill date this Valentines Day and turn your living room into a home cinema with these handy movie essentials!

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Romantic Stroll

If you’re an outdoorsie couple who like to venture out or a someone who’s testing the waters with your first date, then why not go out on a romantic stroll? In Staffordshire, there are plenty of lovely places to visit however you can always take things further afield and plan a romantic camping trip at a luxurious outdoor resort!

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….as for the gifts

Of course when it comes to Valentines Day, for some people, gifting is absolutely essential! But don’t worry for the mean time as it’s the big day you really want to plan! For now, here are a few of our Valentines favourites to get you thinking. Keep an eye out for our full gift guide, coming soon!

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